The Barton School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial support for the mission of Clara Barton Open School, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Money raised through the Barton School Foundation is used for programs that enhance the open education experience at Barton that are NOT funded by district, state, or federal money. Programs like overnight field trips, reading intervention, visiting artist programs, tutors, musicals, staff development and many others are paid for by YOUR donations and fundraising activities. 

These programs would NOT be offered at Barton if not for your generous support.

The Barton School Foundation manages the money raised through donations to the Barton School Fund and various fundraising activities, then distributes the money to support Clara Barton Open School in its mission.

The Barton Leadership Council consists of the principal, staff representatives, and parent representatives.  The council elects the board of the Foundation and assists the principal in setting priorities for distribution of funds.  The Foundation board approves the budget set by the principal and the Barton Leadership Council.

The 2016-17 Barton Foundation Budget is as follows: 
  • Enrichment Activities/School Support: includes field trips, environmental education overnight trips, Midwest Food Connection (Uli), after school transportation, music & in-school performances, student activities ($17,800)
  • Staff Positions & Support: band and strings position, reading support, and staff training ($58,900) 
  • Educational Supplies and Equipment: curriculum needs, educational supplies, Teachers' Classroom Fund, media center, music and art supplies, sports equipment ($14,600) 
  • Social/Community: transportation for parents, social events, council support, yearbook ($4,600) 

Please support Barton School by donating to the Barton School Fund today!

Please give generously, so Barton can continue to offer students a rich experience!

Dahkliga dugsiga Barton waa mid aad muhiim uu ah tabaaruca schoolka. Siyabaha aad wax uga baran kartiid dakhliga waxqabaad kisa iyo waliba siidi aad uga qayb qaadan lahayd ,fadlan kalaa soo xidhiid Nasra Hassan qadka taleefonka oo ah: 612-668-3580 ama emailka ah: nasra.hassan@mpls.k12.mn.us.

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